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Woodstock Wired Network and Cabling Onsite support servicing the Woodstock area’s of Georgia and the surrounding Metro Atlanta Cities. In today’s network environments, speed and reliability is important. There is nothing faster or more reliable than a wired network connection. Although wireless connectivity is a convenience for mobility at your home or office, wired connectivity provides a constant speed and connection to your network and the internet without many of the worries and signal problems wireless connectivity can have. Your business may be expanding and your wireless network may not be as reliable as you thought. Contact our Woodstock Wired Network technicians today so we can find the best network scenario that fits your home or office!

Woodstock Wired Network Services

  • Business cabling project support with new or existing Ethernet cable
  • Professional ethernet network cable installation
  • Multiple network cable drops to one location for Internet, Phone, etc.
  • CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e and CAT6 cable support
  • Wireless network upgrades and additions
  • Recommendations to upgrade your existing wired network
  • Ethernet Powerline kit installations
  • Network Cabling installation
  • Gigabit cabling support

Our Woodstock Wired Network technician can assist you with your decision process!

Many people wonder about CAT 5, CAT5e, or even CAT6 type of cabling. Which type do I have, which type do I need? Many business suites or homes are already wired and we can take advantage of your existing cabling. In Woodstock, many new buildings come pre-wired, so please ask our Woodstock Wired Network specialist before your start!

Call our Woodstock Wired Network team now at 678-825-4805!

Your Woodstock Wired Network Technician recommend wired networking, but we also fully support and recommend the addition of Wireless Networking! Contact your Woodstock Wired Network and Woodstock Wireless Network technicians today at Computer & Network Repair!

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