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Strong network security is vital for all businesses, small and large. Every day on the news we hear about another company that was compromised, their data stolen and sold to the highest bidder. Your customers and clients rely on you to store their information securely. The Internet has opened up incredible business opportunities, but it also has the potential to bring attackers right to your doorsteps. Woodstock Network Security services provide the level of protection and assurance you need to make sure you company data is protected from the wrong people. Woodstock Network Security provides service to the metro Atlanta areas of Woodstock, Marietta, Canton, Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Kennesaw and many other cities.

Woodstock Network Security Services offered by CNR Technologies

  • Woodstock Network Security Services
  • Risk Assessment / Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Organizational Policy Implementation & Review
  • Server & Workstation Hardening
  • HIPAA Compliance & PCI-DSS Compliance
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Ongoing Security Monitoring

Our strategy is simple: defense in depth, a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to information and electronic security. CNR Technologies has a wide range of security services, including (but not limited to): penetration testing, risk/vulnerability assessment, security monitoring and auditing, server and workstation hardening, organizational policy implementation and full disk encryption. Give us a call today: (678) 825-4805!

Key Benefits of Woodstock Network Security

  • Improved Customer Trust
  • Reduces Chance of Data Breach
  • Improved Network Performance
  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Woodstock Network Security Services

Woodstock Network Security Risk Assessment & Vulnerability Assessment

One of the first steps we will take in evaluating your environment is to perform a risk and vulnerability assessment. During a vulnerability assessment we will scan through your entire infrastructure and look for various potential security issues that hackers may take advantage of. We employ a variety of tools to analyze every device on your network – including workstations, servers, switches, routers, firewalls and even printers! Additionally, we employ vendor specific tools that help us identify application-level vulnerabilities. After compiling a list of discovered threats/vulnerabilities, a risk value will be assigned to each item, from there we will work with you to remediate the identified issues.

Woodstock Network Security Penetration Testing

Employing the same methods used by hackers, we can simulate attacks on your network. This stage is vital to the network security process, penetration testing allows us to ensure that your network is resistant to compromise. Penetrating testing is also part of our ongoing security monitoring, we constantly stay up to date on the latest attack methodologies so that we can protect you against the latest threats.

Server & Workstation Hardening

One of our core philosophies is defense in depth, employing multiple layers of security to prevent breaches. By default, many operating systems come with configurations that are not considered to be truly secure. We will implement hardened configuration policies across your entire network to ensure that your workstations and servers are more resistant to malware and intrusion. During this hardening process we will configure strong access controls and deploy anti-malware/anti-intrusion software.

Organizational Policy Implementation & Review

As your business begins to grow it becomes more and more necessary to implement policies that employees must adhere to. CNR Technologies can work with your human resources staff to develop various IT policies that will facilitate a secure environment, we can also help you enforce these policies through technical controls. There are various types of policies we can assist you with. Password policies dictate how complex a password must be and how long it may be used for. Acceptable use policies determine what is considered “proper” use of company IT assets, such as prohibiting personal use. Internet or Web Access policies determine how the company’s internet access may be used by employees, using technical controls we can ensure that your management team has the ability to block any websites they deem inappropriate.

HIPAA Compliance & PCI-DSS Compliance

If you’re in the medical field, HIPAA compliance is an absolute must. In a nutshell, HIPAA defines how a patient’s protected health information (PHI) must be handled. If you’re a business that accepts and stores credit card information, PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance is also critical. Our team is ready to work with you, helping you reach your HIPAA and/or PCI-DSS compliance goals. Our approach involves heavy use of in-transit encryption and at-rest encryption to ensure confidential data remains confidential.

Full Disk Encryption

You can have the most secure network in the world but imagine that your office is broken into and your server containing all your customer information is stolen! Using simple tools, a thief can easily extract data from your server’s hard drive. This is where full disk encryption comes into play. Using encryption solutions such as Microsoft’s BitLocker, we can ensure that a physical theft will not mean the end of your businesses. When thieves examine a fully encrypted hard drive they will not be able to see any data without a proper decryption key.

Woodstock Network Security Monitoring

Network security is an ongoing process, as new software and hardware is introduced to your network, so are new potential risks/vulnerabilities. We establish ongoing relationships with our clients to ensure that once their networks are secure, they remain secure. We have a team dedicated to maintaining all of your network with the latest security patches and updates. Our ongoing service allows us to catch threats and vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

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