Memory Upgrades


One of the most inexpensive ways to boost the performance on your computer is by upgrading it’s memory. Woodstock Memory Upgrades, a division of Computer & Network Repair, is your #1 resource for upgrading your computer’s memory.


We install memory of all types in any device that supports it:

  • Desktops and Laptop Memory Upgrades
  • Mac or PC Memory Upgrades
  • PC2-5300
  • PC2-6400
  • PC3-8500
  • PC3-10600
  • PC3-12800
  • PC3-14900
  • PC3-17000

Avoid Computer Slowdowns with Woodstock Memory Upgrades

People who run many applications at once will greatly benefit from memory upgrades, more memory means more programs can be run simultaneously. Whenever a computer runs out of physical memory, it begins to use the hard drive as temporary memory, this can slow your computer down to a halt. Upgrading memory eliminates this problem! The extra memory becomes allocated to the opening of several programs at the same time. RAM upgrades are thought to speed up a computer; however, in actuality, they help computers avoid bottle-necking effects when trying to run a lot of high-memory programs.

Woodstock Memory Upgrades offer more Program Availability

In many cases, certain programs require a set amount of memory in order for the program to run properly. A computer is able to run programs that it may have been unable to run previously, once the memory is upgraded.

Enhanced Browsing

As web pages become more advanced and graphically demanding, they will require more computer resources to run smoothly. Are you the type of user that likes having 10 tabs open in your Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser? Each opened tab can potentially consume lots of memory and CPU. Adding additional RAM memory will allow you to have more tabs open at once so you browse the internet like a pro!

Enhanced Gaming

Computer users who are fond of gaming will benefit most from additional memory. Games will be able run more smoothly and with faster response times. In addition to faster gameplay, a RAM upgrade will benefit the visuals effects of games as well. Computers with higher memory installed have better 3D rendering capabilities than those with a minimal amount of RAM. Images in a game become cleaner and brighter with a memory upgrade from Woodstock memory upgrades.

Interested in getting your memory upgraded at Woodstock Memory Upgrades? Be sure to visit our contact us page, and have a technician contact you today!

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